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Meta: Snowpiercer


My [scattered] thoughts on Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer. This was originally just a defence of the film’s ending—which I’ve seen widely criticised—because I think it’s brilliant and necessary and worth defending. But… then there’s everything else.

[major spoilers, of course]

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This is SO GOOD, holy shit

(everyone go see train movie right the fuck now if you haven’t already)

(it’s so fucking good)

Stealing Fire: The Fall of the Twili Empire and the Gerudo Scavengers


So I have a lot of feelings about worldbuilding in the Zelda universe, and a lot of theories about what’s coming up in Zelda WiiU, based on that brief trailer. Get ready kids, because I’m about to ramble at great length about all things Zelda. Spoilers ahead for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and extensive speculation.

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by ミンメ [also on pixiv]
※Posted with the artist’s permission.

Okay but like. This picture. Because this new Link’s armbands CLEARLY HAVE GERUDO PATTERNING. And I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. What does all of this mean. Is Link Gerudo. Are the Gerudo the ruling society of scavenger-thieves in the wake of the disappearance of the Twili Empire. Is that what happened.


by ミンメ [also on pixiv]

※Posted with the artist’s permission.

Okay but like. This picture. Because this new Link’s armbands CLEARLY HAVE GERUDO PATTERNING. And I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. What does all of this mean. Is Link Gerudo. Are the Gerudo the ruling society of scavenger-thieves in the wake of the disappearance of the Twili Empire. Is that what happened.


I just got some really nicely printed copies of my senior thesis comic, Bacchanalia! I worked on this comic for ages under the tutelage of David Mazzuchelli and I’m pretty excited about it. Here’s the blurb:

Josiah is still recovering from a bad breakup when he stumbles upon a hidden world of drug- and drink-fueled dance parties happening in the forest near his college. A handsome stranger who speaks in riddles, Greek mythology come to life, and a missing toy lure Josiah into a mysterious cult. Bacchanalia is a 24-page black and white comic about love, grief, and the seduction of altered states of consciousness.

You can purchase the physical book here (it’s a great quality printing, nice paper stock and a matte cover) or download the PDF on Gumroad! Reblogs are super appreciated for this post, I’d love to get this comic out to people! <3,


what is LARPing like and how is it done?


LARP stands for Live Action Role Play! I work at a LARP camp for kids 8 and up, and the campers all come up with fantastical characters to become for a day or two in an adventure game. It’s a super great experience, especially for kids who are normally shy or timid in real life. Getting to be a brave knight or magic prince or dragon rider and save the day by slaying monsters and completing quests is really empowering and boosts self esteem and conference in real life afterwards.

Im not sure if that answers your question because every LARP group around the globe plays differently.

If you’re in the vaguely upstate New York area, you can find said camp here:

hey what's up with the "!" in fandoms? i.e. "fat!<thing>" just curious thaxxx <3









I have asked this myself in the past and never gotten an answer.

Maybe today will be the day we are both finally enlightened.

woodsgotweird said: man i just jumped on the bandwagon because i am a sheep. i have no idea where it came from and i ask myself this question all the time

Maybe someone made a typo and it just got out of hand?

I kinda feel like panic!at the disco started the whole exclamation point thing and then it caught on around the internet, but maybe they got it from somewhere else, IDK.

The world may never know…

Maybe it’s something mathematical?

I’ve been in fandom since *about* when Panic! formed and the adjective!character thing was already going strong, pretty sure it predates them.

It’s a way of referring to particular variations of (usually) a character — dark!Will, junkie!Sherlock, et cetera. I have suspected for a while that it originated from some archive system that didn’t accommodate spaces in its tags, so to make common interpretations/versions of the characters searchable, people started jamming the words together with an infix.

(Lately I’ve seen people use the ! notation when the suffix isn’t the full name, but is actually the second part of a common fandom portmanteau. This bothers me a lot but it happens, so it’s worth being aware of.)

"Bang paths" (! is called a "bang"when not used for emphasis) were the first addressing scheme for email, before modern automatic routing was set up. If you wanted to write a mail to the Steve here in Engineering, you just wrote "Steve" in the to: field and the computer sent it to the local account named Steve. But if it was Steve over in the physics department you wrote it to phys!Steve; the computer sent it to the "phys" computer, which sent it in turn to the Steve account. To get Steve in the Art department over at NYU, you wrote NYU!art!Steve- your computer sends it to the NYU gateway computer sends it to the "art" computer sends it to the Steve account. Etc. ("Bang"s were just chosen because they were on the keyboard, not too visually noisy, and not used for a huge lot already).

It became pretty standard jargon, as I understand, to disambiguate when writing to other humans. First phys!Steve vs the Steve right next to you, just like you were taking to the machine, then getting looser (as jargon does) to reference, say, bearded!Steve vs bald!Steve.

So I’m guessing alternate character version tags probably came from that.

I am so old and have been in fandom so long that I actually knew this.

True Hate (A Fanfiction)


> Be the Duk. Write the horrifying webcomic author kismesis birthday slash.



“This is fucking ridiculous,” Luka said, scowling at their computer screen. “Why won’t this fucktarded thing back up?”

They leaned forward and gave their hard drive a solid thwumping. “Come on, fuckass! There could be more space lightning any minute, and I need a fucking backup!”

The hard drive’s only answer was to whine louder, an irritating sound like too many bees on helium. Then the Captain decided to match it with his own whining, the two noises making a positive feedback loop of shitfuckery.

Luka let out an extended string of expletives (it would’ve made Karkat proud), and was on the verge of punting the infernal device at the infernal creature, when the door flew open, slamming against the wall with a crash. The sound shut up both disc and dog, leaving the room silent save for the wind whistling in through the open door, and the violent patter of rain outside.

Then a voice cut through the quiet, scratchy and awkward, spoken through lips far too large for any normal human face. “Computer troubles?”
Standing in the doorway was none other than Andrew Hussie.

Luka’s mouth dropped open in shock. “Hussie?”

“Sup.” He was wearing his coolkid shades and Sepulchritude shirt, though the rain appeared to have washed off his gray paint. “Heard you needed a hand.”

“I… yeah.” Luka was still too surprised to say much more than that. “Hard drive is fucked.”

“Cool.” Hussie stepped inside, and took a look at the offending device. He raised his hand, and with a single hussnasty chop, smashed the machine in two. It let out a miserable squeak of protest, then sputtered and died in a sparking mess.

“What the fuck!?” Luka jumped up, now glaring angrily at Hussie. “My fucking backups! You fuckass! What the fuck was that for!?”

Hussie leaned forward, looking over his shades, levelly meeting Luka’s eyes. “What do you feel now?”


He shook his head. “Not good enough.”

“What!?” Luka spluttered.
He walked calmly to a nearby window and opened it wide, letting the rain pour in. Then in a single motion, he scooped the Captain up by the scruff of his neck and punted him outside.

Luka just stared.

“What about now?”

“You just fucking kicked my dog out a window!”

“Yes. Yes I did.” Hussie shrugged. “Whatcha gonna do about it? How do you feel about me now?”

“I hate you, you unspeakable fuckass!”

For the first time, Hussie smiled. “Good.”

“What? How? Why!?” Luka’s cries of anger and protest were growing louder and more frustrated by the moment.

“Because now we can engage in the most epic of hatefucks.”

Luka blinked for a moment. “Oh.”


And then they did.




> Luka: Rise Up.


You have never been so sexually aroused in your entire life.


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Ah yes, the time I wrote my favorite webcomic author a fic for his birthday. I should do this more often.


✍ daria storm



caw caw motherfuckers

oc do not steal

I was terrified to tell my mother I was getting a tattoo
I was just over the precipice of being a teenager, just finished with years of constantly needing to ask for permission, and still felt like I had to
when I told her she said “okay. you’re paying for it, right? I don’t really have the cash this month”
I questioned her calm, expecting a storm from years of practice, but she said “oh, I always knew you’d get a tattoo. I’m surprised you made it to 20. as long as it means something. as long as you want it.”
and I knew then more than ever before that I do not deserve her

I am a scared little girl (little nothing, little everything)
with bones shaking hard enough that if they caught together, they would spark a thunderstorm under my skin
I don’t have many dreams, I’m too sad to go to school, I’m too sad to go to work
and she deserves a daughter with wings grown in her back, natural
not stapled in all wrong and crooked from years of falling from the sky whenever I would get too close to the sun
she never corrected me when I pronounced Icarus wrong
I think it’s because she wanted me to think I was my very own god as well

I want everyone to have a mother like her
because her metal legs made it so she couldn’t bend down and pick me up
so she learned how to with her words instead
I remember being in the fifth grade and my best friend’s mother cheated on her father
and my best friend said “I’m not surprised”
so I said “it’s okay, well share mine”

this world is overflowing with malice and evil and all that rain just glides down her skin
she never lets it permeate
never lets the bad people in the world get down in her joints
knows for a fact that your own joints can turn against you
she taught me you can’t fight back against yourself
because either way you’ll lose

I’m proud to grow up with her crippled hand on my wingspan
I’m proud of my shaking bones
because she taught me how to be tough even when you aren’t strong

the mother I don’t deserve, by windy sharpe